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Download SSC CHSL Exam 28 Oct & 21 Oct 2012 Question paper / Answer Key

Staff Selection Commission ( SSC ) had conducted the Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (CHSL ) today  in Morning Shift ( 10.00Hrs – 12.00Hrs )  and  in  Evening Shift ( 14.00Hrs – 16.00Hrs) . Here we have uploaded  28 oct 2012 SSC CHSL Exam Question Paper(KY 2012). SSC will conduct one more  session of CHSL examination on 04/11/2012 .

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Math multiplication tricks for Bank SSC CGL

SSC CHSL Exam Question Paper 2012 (KY 2012 )

This Question Paper contains 200 questions in all comprising  the following four parts.

  1. General Intelligence
  2. English Language
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
  4. General Awareness

Part I : General Intelligence 

1] Never : Seldom : : Always :  ?

  • Occasional
  • Usual
  • Often
  • Everytime

2]  Ape : Man: : Cat : ?

  • Monkey
  • Tiger
  • Mouse
  • Pet Animal

3]NMKH: HIKN : : UTRO : ?

  • OPRU
  • ORPQ
  • OPQR
  • ORTU

4] ACEG : KMOQ : : CEGI :   ?

  • QSUV
  • IKMO
  • HILN
  • FHJM

5] 5 : 124 : : 211 :  ?

  • 512
  • 511
  • 65
  • 64

6] 164: 143 :: 211 :   ?

  • 194
  • 188
  • 180
  • 190

Direction :  In Questions No 7 to 10 , select the one which is different from the other three responses.


 a] othello

b] king Lear

c] Oliver twist



a] Student

b] Registrar

c] Teacher

d] Drill Master


a] JT

b] SK

c] DZ

d] AR


a] TSP

b] NMJ

c] JIG

d] FEB

Directions : In questions no 11 and 12 , find the number that does not belong to the group

11. 1 , 4 , 9 , 16, 23, 25 , 36

a] 23

b] 9

c] 25

d] 36

12. 13 , 16 ,19 , 22 , 24 , 28

a] 19

b] 13

c] 24

d] 28

Download Full Paper

Download SSC CHSL Exam  21 oct 2012 Question paper 


Part IV : General Awareness :

1] Which One of the following is not a long terb objectivew of indian Planinng’

a] Increase Wheat Production

b] Achieve Full Employment

c] Reduction of Income Equality

d] Equality and Social Justice

2] Windfall Grains Means :

a] Normal Profit

b] Economic Profit

c] Sudeen Rise In prices

d] Slow rise in prices

3] Occupational  Structure Refers to the 

a] number of workers living in the country

b] Size of working poppulation in the industrial sector

c] duistribution of working population among differnet occupations

d] Nature of different occupations in the economy

4] Inequalities in the distribution of income is measured by

a] puhilips curve

b] Lorenz curve

c] origive curve

d]IS curve

5] Who wrote the book ‘republic’ ?

a] Plato

b] Aristotle

c] Marx

d] Socrates

6] Gandhian Principles are incorporated in which part of indian constitution ?

a] Part I

B] Part II

c] Part III

iv ] Part IV

7] Which of the following fundamental rights is provided in absolute terms ?

a] Right to equality

b] Right among determination

c] Aboition of untouchability

d] Right to life and personal liberty

8] What was the basis of reorganization of States in india in the year 1956.

a] Language

b] Religiion

c] Caste

d] None of these

9] Which of the following is the extra constitutional body ?

a] Finance Commission

b]Inter state council

c] Planning Commission

d] SC and ST commssion

10] The chairman of ehich committee is generally from the opposition party ?

a ] Estimates Committee

b] Public Accounts Committee

C] Public Undertaking Committee

D] Assurances Committee

11] In the early Vadic period ,a ‘ Samiti ‘ was a

a] Council of elders

b] king’s Council

c] Popular Assembly

d] Trible Assembly

12] Jataka is the buddhist literature on

a] Rules of the oreder

b] Sermons of Buddha

c] Stories of previous births of Buggha

d] Meta physics

13] Which gupta Emperor styled himself as “kavi Raja ” ?

a] Samudragupta

b]chandragupta II

c]Chandragupta I

d] Skandagupta

14] The founder of the chisti order was 

a] Sheikh Shihabuddin Shrawardi

b] Hamid -ud-din Nagawi

c] Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki

d] Sheikh Salim

15] Who is called the father of Local self government in modern india ?

a] Lord Lytton

b ]  Lord Curzon

c] Lord Ripon

d] Lord Dalhousiue

16. The molten rock below the surface of earth is called

a] Batholith
b] Basalt
c] magma
d] Lava

17. The highest bio-diversity is found in which climate

a] Tundra
b] Poler
c] Sub-tropical
d] Equatorial

18. The desert animal go into long sleep in summer .This is Known as

a] Hibernation
b] Estavation
c] Aestavation
d] Starvation

19] which island is a part of the Australian State

a] Tasmania
b] New Guinea
c] Loyalty Isaland
d]Santa Cruz Island

20] Which of the following can use Sonar

a] Birds
B] Bats
C] Dolphins
d]Both bats and dolphins

21] Covering membrane of heart is called

a] Periosteum
b] Pericardium
c] Perichondrium
d] Perineurium

22] Lipids are

a] nucleic acids occuring in plants
b] proteins occuring in animals
c] Carbohydrates occuring in plants
d] fats of natural origin

23] Most of the refraction of lights takes place in

a] Iris
b] cornea
c] Pupil
d] Retina

24] Parthenocarpy refers to the development of fruit

a] from vegetative bud
b] after fertilization
c] without fertilization
d] after union of mail nucleus with antipodals

25] The camels hump is composed of ……………….. tissue that provides water whan oxidiesd

a] skeletal
b] areolar
c] muscular
d] adipose

26] The absorption of ink by a blotting paper involves

a] viscosity of ink
b] capillary action phenomenon
c] diffusion of ink through the blotting paper
d] siphon action

Note : Tomorrow we will upload remaining 24 questions here , till then try to find out the answer of above questions.

Download SSC CHSL Exam  21 oct 2012 Question paper 

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